OVERT (& COY) is a creative partnership between Sijin C. and Aeon Neo, founded as an exploratory and collaborative platform anchored between the intersection of art, design & lifestyle.

We work across the field of design with an interest in (but not limited to) editorial, identity and print for new startups, small and medium-size businesses, artists and art institutions.

We actively research, experiment and explore projects of interest that extend beyond the field of design, often reconsidering the methods/processes and proposing new ideas to tools/objects/products of everyday living.

Established in 2016, Singapore.


Artist Projects
Brand Strategy
Creative & Art Direction
Editorial Design
Exhibition Design
Graphic Design
Packaging Design
Product Design
Signage & Wayfinding
User Interface Design
Visual Identity


Always Marketing (WPP Group),SG
A.S. Louken,SG
Ashley Yeo (Artist),SG
Edgefield Secondary School (MOE),SG
Everyday Ishigaki (EDISG),JP
Guo-Liang Tan (Artist),SG
Keyakismos (Art Collective),JP
NiCE 2 Pte Ltd,SG
Orbium SA,CH
Ota Fine Arts,SG
People's Association,SG
Singapore Tyler Print Institute (STPI)
Tuk Tuk Cha Pte Ltd,SG

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